Bodegas Medina

B.M. EVENTS it is born with the putting jointly of several persons with a coarse experience in the management and organization is for what they decide to constitute this service with the aim to transmit to the client a new way of conceiving the events.

Since then, many clients have trusted in our services for the organization of any type of event, weddings and congresses in the main. We have taken part, to particular and professional level, in the complete satisfaction of our clients, offering them all the available solutions to his possible demands. B.M's object. It is EVENTS to take charge of the total or partial accomplishment of any type of event. Our idea is that the client tells us his expectations, the aim that it wants to obtain and we take charge of the rest. From B.M. EVENTS we look for the unconcern and tranquility of the clients who contract us.

Our clients, our principal endorsement. From our creation, many persons have established contact with us to organize of professional form his particular and professional events. Leave us to be surprised...











Let's sense beforehand our new offers of tablecloths for this season, they all are included by our menus of wedding. You can choose between more than twenty different models, and create your own combinations of tablecloths with that you will give color and own style to your wedding together with the flowers and the decoration.

In B.M. EVENTS, we us exercise great care in the preparation and decoration of new gastronomic options, managing to balance the good taste, the quality of service and an attractive price to deliver him the event that always dreamed. With innovative ideas our company has been sinking in little by little being located in a privileged place.

B.M. EVENTS it offers a multiple concept: LIGHTING - COMMUNICATION and DECORATION everything in the same equipment. We have happened of being a considered product of luxury to being indispensable in any event that they seek to distinguish from the basic thing.

Facilities for business specialized in the organization of thematic weddings, private holidays, events, retirement, health, etc. To 1:30 minutes of the airport of Seville, in a rural paradisiac environment.

In the receipt of the wedding an element that cannot be absent is the music, knows some recommendations to entertain the wedding before and during the catering. He accompanies the menu of the wedding on agreeable melodies to give him more style to the wedding and to call the attention of the guests. The music of the wedding before and during the catering she has to be flirted with the concept of the wedding, everything in order that the environment of the day more important is the only and special.